Jul 10, 2017

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About the Realm of Demons: Lesson 2: REINCARNATED OR POSSESSED? (Đầu thai hay Quỷ nhập?)

About the Realm of Demons: Lesson 2: REINCARNATED OR POSSESSED? (Đầu thai hay Quỷ nhập?)
About the Realm of Demons: Lesson 2: REINCARNATED OR POSSESSED? (Đầu thai hay Quỷ nhập?)
A boy named Bui Lac Binh, born in 2000 in Coi Village (Yen Phu Commune, Lac Son District, Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam), became center point of public debate for his ability to speak Kinh language (official language in Vietnam), despite the fact that he was raised in a Muong language speaking family (Muong is one of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam). As he was turning 4, he suddenly recalled his past life as a Kinh boy dying of drowning ten years ago. 
Notably, Binh requested his current parents to take him to the house of his parents in previous life, which is just 1km far from his residential place. Here, his parents were stunned to hear him tell clearly about his earlier existence when he was a boy named Nguyen Phu Quyet Tien.

Bùi Lạc Bình – internet source


Ms. Thuan, known as the supposed “previous mother” of Binh, said she adopted Binh earlier to fill her loneliness after the drowning of her own child. As time went by, she realized that many of Binh’s characters and habits are identical to Quyet Tien’s though they were in different physical forms. Everyone believed Binh is the reincarnation of Quyet Tien.
Now Binh is living with “his old name” – Quyet Tien – and with his previous mother, Ms. Thuan, in Vu Ban Town, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province. His biological mother, Bui Thi Du, agreed with his decision, saying both families had finished adoption procedures which permitted Binh to move into Thuan’s house. “Now he requires to be called Nguyen Phu Quyet Tien. However, I don’t get used to it as he is still Binh in my mind…”, said Du. (Quoted from “Law and Life”, 10th Special Edition issued in April 2013).
Such mysterious phenomenon did happen in a real location and is widely believed by the public as the link between current and previous existences, generally named as reincarnation. So what about the scientific point of view? Dr. Do Kien Cuong who has spent 30 years researching paranormal phenomena says:” From my viewpoint, this is not a reincarnation but Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).”

King of Devil and his followers

He explains that because of DID, Binh saw himself as Tien, just like an involuntary way to escape reality(!) The reason Binh knows information of Tien and Ms. Thuan is attributed to hidden memories, he might hear of Tien’s story before. The brain of a seven-year-old child is believed to be capable of reassemble pieces of information into a logical and reasonable story. 

On the first look, this analysis of Dr. Kien seems logical and scientific but we should reconsider some other aspects of the case:
Firstly, why did a boy of seven attempt to “change his life”, an action that goes against innocent nature of children?
Secondly, it can’t be said that Binh incidentally heard some information about Ms. Thuan and reassembled pieces of them into a logical story that made Thuan believe he was her dead son (Tien). Binh was too young and had no social contacts to collect such information. 

Thirdly, Ms. Thuan had a close feeling with Binh right at the first time she entered Ms Bui Thi Du’s house.
Finally, actions and habits of Binh were all identical to Tien’s, thus could not be reasoned by the symptoms of DID. You cannot imitate habits, life styles and daily activities of someone in previous life just from being told by others. 
“Reincarnation” as believed by the public or “Dissociative Identity Disorder” as defined by science, both assumptions are not true. Buddhist canons say a person takes rebirth in human realm only when he was able to keep five precepts (Pratimoksha) in previous life (prohibition of killing sentient beings, stealing, sexual misconduct and abuse of intoxicants); or “if his thoughts and passions are in equal proportion”, i.e his mind remains in positive thoughts at the moment of death (Surangama Sutra).  Meanwhile, little boy Tien died of drowning at the age of 10, a kind of “disastrous death” that surely left a big load of negative emotion at death moment, which may hinder the deceased to take rebirth, let alone reincarnate in other person. So how to explain this phenomenon? 
As mentioned in Lesson 1, powerful demons sometimes feel like “teasing” human beings. Anyone whose bio frequency correlates to the demon’s, i.e his evilness is overwhelmed, is easily possessed by the demon. Children under 10 face great danger of demonic possession for their sensitivity and being without protection. Their body unfortunately has some kinds of energy that easily attract the demon and Binh is a typical case. 
Demons with their own power can easily make up a “scenario” for the host body. They have fun by playfully imitating habits and styles of the dead to make people believe in a real reincarnation. They will automatically go out of host body after satisfaction. The possession leaves a tragic consequence in which the possessed falls into mental disorder like little Binh with DID. Depending on their power could demons have short-term or long-term spiritual abusive relationship. 

King of demons

This is a high-class game of demons, not reincarnation. Such cases have been reported widely in the world. Buddhist canon says even a siddha or Bodhisattva has got to learn from the beginning after rebirth, let alone an ordinary person. Therefore, logic indicates that Binh is just a hapless human victim of an “insidious game” of demons. There’s also another game of demons in which they interject false information into the psychic’s mind, calling themselves as “Deva”, “Bharma”, “Tathagatha” or “Buddha”. What’s matter here is whether the game will be helpful or harmful towards the believer.  
Some demons employ mediums as the host body to provide believers with good advices. Sometimes they even set up denominations with their own doctrines. Such demons, known as followers of King of Demons (Devil), are on the good side for acting as guardians of Buddhist Dharma after being enlightened by the Buddha. Every time the Buddha presented or expounded the Dharma, they rely on the power of the Buddha to attend the assembly. 

The Buddha resists against demonic tricks

Their true admiration and devotion to the Buddha have driven them to support Buddhist practitioners by protecting or advising them to chant sutras, recite mantras or Buddha’s name. Most of the people possessed by them do not know about their state and still do daily activities as normal. The only difference is that they begin to “possess” special abilities called “super powers” which is in fact demonic power. They may have abilities of clairvoyance, precognition or telepathy. 
Others can treat diseases in unusual but effective ways by using mouth to “absorb” the illness, touching, kicking, whipping or talking with the patients or recite demonic mantras, etc. 
Wicked demons, meanwhile, often find ways to penetrate into the fetus of women, who for fertility problems, used to come to temples begging evil spirits to “bestow” babies on them. Consequently, newborn babies bear with them “demonic characters” which drive them into using ruthless tricks for desire satisfaction at mature age. Low-level demons are indulged in five mundane desires (money, beauty, food, drinks and sleep), while the high level ones are extremely keen on fame. 

Hungry demons (Petas)


Powerful demons do not own the second and third qualities. Their karmic nature is to do harm to others, thus they never show gratefulness and know how to return the favor rightly. 
They do not dare to teach Buddhist principles, given their inobservance of precepts for being not transmitted and inability to practice for lacking advisor. Therefore, they just exclaim over the wonder of Buddha and Dharma rather than practice Dharma or observe the precepts. 
We can see many bhikkhus who cannot teach precepts because they themselves have broken the rules for many times without any penances. All they care about is how to serve their self-interest as much as possible. The Buddha therefore advised us not to respect, worship or give offerings to such kinds of bhikkhus (quoted from Mahaparinirvana Sutra, book I). This advice aims to give us a clear distinction between authentic and “bad” or “demonic possessed” bhikkhus. 

Realm of hungry demons depicted in Mandala

On the other hand, demons do not have their own writing language thus hardly write down what they think or deduct. Specifically, some Buddhist bhikkhus or non-Buddhist clerics are eloquent speakers but they do not have academic works (books) that go along with the orbit of Dharma. In other words, this means those who are possessed by powerful demons are capable of writing but those works mainly serve their ego rather than for sentient beings. 

In Ankuttara Nikaya, the Buddha gave a clear example which pointed out three poisoned arrows that may harm the clergy, including fame, honor and fortune. These three arrows are likened to “demonic nature” and are used to identify true and demonic Buddhist practitioners.

Demons and humans co-inhabit earth

It should be stressed that the one with profound wisdom will use worldly fame as means to practice Bodhicitta whilst the one with evil mind takes it to satisfy his endless greed. 
Not everyone is able to rightly recognize demonic aspect from the outward phenomena or inward nature. The best way of distinction will be presented in Lesson 3. 
Translated by Mat Hue Phap
  1. Mô Phật!

    Mật thúy rất hoan hỉ với thiện hạnh dịch bài viết của vị Thầy sang tiếng Anh của huynh Mật Huệ Pháp cầu nguyện cho huynh luôn tin tấn thực hành pháp để được thành thông thế sự con cầu nguyện sức khoẻ và sự trường thọ của thầy cô vì lợi lạc của chúng sanh Om ah hùm

  2. JeongGeun Mok says:

    Dear Guru


    thank you for the teaching


    now it feels clear about some people

    I felt something in them as entity but couldn’t really talk about it to anyone


    these days many ordinary people do not feel ordinary (or as people)

    you will see what I mean if you come to Korea and drive a car 🚗 You will encounter many of them within an hour

    Or at work this busy country and industry.


    They live in heavy drama, yet they themselves create those dramas. Whoever does not agree or participate, they turn evil and attack (verbally, emotionally,even physically sometimes)


    whole country is full of these kinds of people and dramas.


    nowadays there are many Vietnamese 🇻🇳 in Korea


    so if there’s anyone you know you could ask them.


    Many of the foreign workers suffer these I’m sure.


    I myself is running a small company that produce little parts that goes in engine of a car 🚗.


    I do all my efforts to apply Buddhism at my work that honor slow & silent manner so we could work as if we are practicing Dharma or on meditation. but because I am adopting it I sometimes confront many difficulties.

    through experiences I learned not everybody likes it to be this way. They prefer hostile, loud, noisy, rush and hurry environment.


    Either it is hostility and refusal from bigger company, or disobey of my employee, I have no answer practically to handle this situation.


    Some people ( or the demons inside them ) just does not like calm peaceful environment. I can see and feel their hostility through their eyes 👀 and breathing. This actually feels like something or someone is choking my neck.


    I wish I can find answer for this though Holy Guru’s teaching and guidance


    I pray so


    Thank you for the teaching and sincerely waiting for next lesson


    Thank you




    Om MaNi PadMe Hum



  3. Tantra Upatissa says:

    Dear jeong I think we need to ignore these kind of people and let them continue their services. Only thing you can do is give them a smile and hope for their good being.

    I feel Guru can give solution to your questions.

    Dear Guru thanks for sharing this lesson. May you live long for sake of other people.

    May you and other beings be happy and get enlightened.

  4. Tantra Kasila says:

    Dear Guru

    Thank you for the article.After going through this i have had a clear understanding about good demon and bad demon.

    May all the people have the calmness and happiness of Buddha.

    • Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con xin phép dịch comment của đạo hữu Tantra Kasila sang tiếng Việt như sau:

      “Kính bạch Thầy!

      Con cảm tạ ơn Thầy đã cho con đọc bài viết này. Sau khi đọc xong bài viết này con hiểu rõ về ác quỷ và quỷ thiện.

      Cầu nguyện tất cả mọi người giữ tâm quân bình và thành tựu hạnh phúc của Phật tánh.”

  5. Tantra Mahavita says:

    Estimado Guru : Muchas Gracias por compartir sus interesantes articulos . Simplemente creo que me parece mejor ignorar a este tipo de personas…continuar con nuestro servicio y regalarles una sonrisa , amor y compasion. Que nuestro Amado Guru pueda vivir muchos años para beneficio de todos los seres sintientes . Que todos los seres sensibles esten libres de sufrimiento y de la raiz del sufrimiento. Que todos los seres disfruten de la felicidad y de la raiz de la felicidad. Que todos los seres habiten en la ecuanimidad , libre de apego y aversion . OM MANI PADME HUM

  6. Lan Trần says:

    Dear Guru,

    Reincarnation is only happened for those who can control their life after death and those who strictly keep five precepts of individual liberation in previous life. Thanks to the light of Buddha’s Dharma, the so-called “reincarnation” believed by people is actually the possession. That is the games of some powerful demons who sometimes feel like “teasing ” human beings.

    Thank you for sharing us this article.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  7. Tantramikaya ( Jane) says:

    dear holy guru. Thank you very much for your wise article. I bow to your feet for this great article. I learned many lessons from this article. Many students of Dir holy guru have different cultures or different ages. Nevertheless, all of us the wish and the thought of the deeds unites the liberation of the suffering and the way of the enlightenment successfully. Buddha’s Dharma should be lived and practiced daily by us. It is not about admiring Buddhism but practicing Buddhism and manifesting it in daily life. The practitioner of the Pure Land should primarily follow the sutras and put all his trust in them. If he does not understand certain passages, he should seek good spiritual counselors for an explanation. The deception can easily mislead the practitioner when challenged by other teachings and ideologies. This is a particularly important point because the Pure Land method is profound and sublime. May all be free from suffering. May our holy Guru life long for the sake of all sentient beings. May all beings achieve the happiness of Buddha’s nature. Om Mani Padme Hum

  8. Josh says:

    Guru, thank you for this wise teachings. I enjoy reading your lessons. Thank you Mat Hue Phap for translating Guru’s article.

    Om mani padme hum

    May Guru and his consort have a long life for the sake of all sentient beings

    May all sentient beings find freedom from suffering

  9. Tantra Mishataru says:

    Dear Guru, I am so grateful for this wise teachings concerning nature of demons. Now i have clearly understood how demon work and abilities they have to make their mission done. From now onwards I will be keen from those demonic Buddhist practitioner and follow precepts always. Neither I won’t allow medium to spread their truth coming demonic sources. Everything has its repercussions after. Thank you for this understanding Holy Guru.

    I bow my head to your lotus feet.

    May you live longer for sake of all sentient beings.

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  10. Mật Nhất Nguyên says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    Thanks to the Guru, I now know more about the demon realm. The phenomenon in which the people got possessed by spirits or remember their past lives appear everywhere around the world. People have different theories about the supernatural experience but today I learn about them through the lens of the Buddha’s Dharma. Now I know that they are all tricks of demons.

    There are certain traits of demons that I can recognize. They like to indulge in 5 desires and fame. They can talk about Dharma days and nights but they can’t talk about precepts or write a proper lesson. In my personal experience and after reading your article, I found that is true.

    I’m grateful for the lesson. May the Guru and His Consort have good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature. May the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  11. Klara says:

    Hello, these demons have played an insidious game with me making me believe I was someone I was not. Now three years later I’m still a struggling hopeless case. I dont know what to do. Please help. They make me dream about dying and say I’m going to hell, I’m almost clear about them not only being demons but gods. Please I need help.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Don’t be afraid! They are only demons, not are gods! I teaches you what do you do by last comments. Now I have taught Quynh send to you my present which help you well on situation. Don’t worry!

  12. Mật Khuê Minh says:

    Dear holy Guru
    I am so ecxited to read the article.
    Through this article, I understand that: ” Reincarnation” as believed by public or ” Dissociative Identity Disorder as define by science, both assumption are not true. Buddhist canons say a person takes rebirth in human realm only when he was able to keep precepts ( Pratimoksha ) in previous life ( prohibition of killing sentient beings, stealing, sexual misconduct and abuse of intoxicant); or ” if his thoughts and passions are in equal proportion” i.e his mind remains in positive thoughts at the moment of death ( Surangama Sutra ). So the story of baby boy Binh who was raised in a Muong language speaking family can recalled his past life as a Kinh boy dying of drowning ten year ago is one of possessed by the demon phenomenon. Children under 10 face great danger of demonic possenssion for their sensitivity and being without protection. Their body unfortunately has some kinds of energy that easily attract the demon and Binh is a typicaly. His bio frequency correlates to the demon so he is easy possessed by the demon. This is high -class game of demons, not reincarnation.
    Thank you Guru to sharing benefit article.
    May Guru live long for the sake of humans beings.
    May the evil spirit harm readers of chanhtuduy.com will no longer be valid
    May Covid 19 pandemic will be come the end soon.
    Om mani padme hum.

  13. Mật Tuyết Hoa says:

    Dear Guru,
    I have read this article.
    Thank you so much for explaining the analysis to us about nature and phenomena, and some tricks of the demons based on the Buddha’s Dharma. It helps us distinguish who is an evil mind through the body, speech, mind like that “it should be stressed that the one with profound wisdom will use worldly fame as means to practice Bodhicitta whilst the one with evil mind takes it to satisfy his endless greed”. I am grateful Guru.
    May Guru lives long and has good health for the sake of all sentient beings.
    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature.
    May the Covid 19 will end soon.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  14. Tantra Mashita says:

    Dear compassionate guru,

    Thank you so much for sharing this article with us, I was excited while I was reading it and I had a mixture of feelings, I wasn’t aware about the six realms before I met you and I didn’t ever hear anything about that, in fact those who have guru to show the right path are guide to be a good person are luckiest. Because without guru the person can lost the right path and walk in wrong path which destroy own-self and others,so I’m thankful because I met you, I really appreciate you and I respect you so much,

    I bow my head down to you
    I devote myself to you

    May you have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings
    May all the sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature
    May the pandemic caused by coronavirus soon end
    Om Mani padame hum

  15. Tantra Mitsharuma (Petra) says:

    Dear Holy Guru
    Thank you for this article and the lesson

    May Guru have health
    May all sentient beings feel the beauty of Buddhas nature

    Om Mani Padme Hum

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