Mar 10, 2019

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Letter to Disciples No.30: Tobacco (thuốc lá)

Dear disciples, tobacco is harmful to oneself and the community Yesterday morning, July 06, 2013, Mật Lý, a disciple from Bình Định province, called in to announce some good news — he had stopped smoking for 97 days straight, and also, was qualified for disability benefits including a monthly allowance from the People’s Committee. Mật Lý is now 67 years old. He used to study at Vạn Hạnh university for four years during the 70s. Mật Lý used to be a Bhikkhu. Then, after 1975, he got discharged and got married. Recently, around March 2013, Mật Lý visited Mật Nguyên and saw the holy image of the Yidam deity. Recalling those years at Vạn Hạnh University, Sài Gòn, Mật Lý remembered a ceremony welcoming the Tibetan Lamas. During those days residing under the same roof, the Lamas taught Varajyana to many Bhikkhus and Buddhist students, who were eldest or second-eldest.

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