Dec 31, 2018

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Letter from India: THE SMILE OF NEW YEAR (Thư Ấn Độ: Nụ cười năm mới)

Letter from India: THE SMILE OF NEW YEAR (Thư Ấn Độ: Nụ cười năm mới) The 2018 is going to close and it comes 2019 in the cold weather. I sit in my house with the warm clothes but still feel that it is freezing outside. I am so lucky to get warm in the house and I feel so sorry for those who have to work under the freezing weather. Likewise, at present, I get the warmth from the beautiful castle of shining with the light of right view. The lights of Guru’s wisdom and Bodhicitta warm my life. Guru’s teachings make my life enjoyable, meaningful and full of joy. It is a new chapter in my life when I have known Guru and learnt from him, especially met him in Vietnam. It is a chapter of freedom from suffering, of inner happiness and success in life as well as social achievement on the spiritual path under Guru’s guidance. I happened to remember the beginning

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