Oct 31, 2021

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THE ABUSE OF DEMONS ( Ma quỷ lộng hành)

THE ABUSE OF DEMONS You had better be careful going out these days in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, especially at night. There would appear a bloody ghost from nowhere with hideous eyetooth and disheveled hair coming to make friends, or to scare or pat on your shoulders or many other weird gestures! Many girls screamed horrifyingly for those kinds of monstrous tricks! Pictures & Videos 23:01 date 31/10/2014 (zing.vn) “Evils” overwhelming Saigon streets on Halloween night. The young and foreign travelers were all excited to make up on them as ghosts and zombies taking a walk and scaring all the kids at the Western Street – Bui Vien Str., De Tham Str… in order to welcome the Halloween. Picture on zing.vn How come this phenomenon appear and keep abusing people in the streets? They are originated from the typical Western culture which is far different to the Eastern

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