Oct 19, 2015

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RICH – POOR (Giàu – Nghèo)

RICH – POOR (Giàu – Nghèo) There is a saying “ Wealth thanks friends and luxury thanks the wife”.  But rich and poor is still are the “ sensitive “ issue in the term of psychology, or in difference of cultural tradition. The definition of rich, is the concept of a prosperous, comfortable material life. The opposition is poor. The true ruler of the rich is their own wealth.” In Europe, Forbes’s  magazine annually creates a list of the most wealthy people in the world,  the current leader in Forbes list is, Bill Gates. He is an American whose fortune is over 50 billion US dollars. Usually, the truly wealthy have been earning and struggling by themselves so very admirably. Bill Gates had been striving since his student years, Mr Honda of Japan had been consistently working , every day while he only slept 4 hours each night. Mr. Colonel Sanders, the creator of the famous

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