Nov 6, 2018

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Letter to disciples No. 270: EUROPEAN SKY – Part 3: Both Europeans and Asians, there is still the mind of good and evil (Á Âu đâu cũng tâm thiện, ác)

Letter to disciples No. 270: EUROPEAN SKY Part 3: BOTH EUROPEANS AND ASIANS, THERE IS STILL THE MIND OF GOOD AND EVIL Dear disciple, A corner in the walking road. A thin tall man entering the hotel was staring at me as if asking if I need to go somewhere or not? Of course I need because I had already contacted the hotel reception for a taxi. I told him that the place I wanted to go was Laima Clock on the walking street. He drove me to “Laima Clock” after going around. He charged me €8, 30. I told him to give me his contact number. He agreed immediately. I was reassured by a contact number he gave me, I would come back the hotel safely after having a walk.       A corner of the souvenir shops A corner in the walking road.   The memorial monument

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