Oct 14, 2018

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Letter to disciples No.268: HOW COULD I BECOME A “GUARD”? (Thầy được làm “bảo vệ” như thế nào?)

Letter to disciples No.268: HOW COULD I BECOME A “GUARD”? Dear disciples! “Please wait for the Director’s decision, if yes I will open the door for you to visit the factory!” I said with the joyment in the role of the company’s guard.  The “guests” were the Song Nguyen Tan Tra House’s disciples in full role-play. The factory named Trinh Nhi is a place of production cooperated between Quang Loi and Mr. Liem, a local resident in Lam Dong. I wore a guard uniform with a blue cap and a badge but wore sunglasses! If people looked at the picture, they would not see the white pants underneath because I just wore the top and played a role to fulfill my “dream”. Song Nguyen Tan Tra House’s disciples were noisy with the clicks of camera phone series. Quang Loi was killing himself laughing… Mr. Liem, the chairman of the company nodded

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