May 17, 2018

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Letter No.254 to disciples: WHY IS IT SO? (Tại sao như vậy?)

Letter No.254 to disciples : Why is it so? Dear disciples, I have not answered many questions made by readers, learners and disciples because what they’ve been asking belongs to the basic Buddhist knowledge. The answers are easy to find out on the articles on, which rely on the perspectives of Pure Mind Yoga. The reader Rishi Ranajan (from India) commented on the article “Answer to the depression and anxiety of a Filipino Catholic” made a request that “if possible, please write an article related to Buddhist meditation”. What do you think, is he asking with sense? Stepping with awareness Again, two days ago, there was Tantra X living abroad who expressed her anxieties and concerns about the fact that looking at the mountain range in the Tibetan Thangka painting, why did she see a human face behind it? Is it necessary to answer her question? I wonder why Tantra X has

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