Jun 23, 2021

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Letter from Sweden: THE UNTOLD STORY, THE SOUND OF SINGING OVERWHELMING THE ATTACK ( Thư Thuỵ Điển: Chuyện bây giờ mới kể, Tiếng hát át tiếng bom)

Having been in Halmstad for nearly 3 years, I have never known that there is an extraordinarily beautiful walking trail named Prins Bertils stig in the city. So, on a spring day with a clear blue sky and full of sunshine, I decided to set out on an adventure to explore the trail with a new friend. The journey lengthens 18,8 km, so it is around 37 km in total for the round-trips. Due to the limitation of time, we set off riding a bike.



Starting from the old castle in the city’s center, we cycled along with the tiny blue direction posts that are positioned along the roadside. There is a big board every a few kilometers with the information of that stop. It can be a historical site, a nature reserve, a beach, or a port, etc. Swedes love nature a lot, so there were many people who enjoyed outdoor activities that day with us. Along the road, we could see families riding bicycles together, or groups of junior students led by their teacher to explore nature, or old couples holding hands walking leisurely, etc. I took a full breath of spring air, squinted at the gentle sunlight peeking through the forest foliage, enjoyed the peace, and forgot about the long journey that was waiting for me ahead. Anytime the spring comes, I feel like becoming one with nature. I can sit comfortably on the grass enjoying the beauty of cherry blossoms, watching the tiny pink petals falling on the grass slowly, or I can lay my back on a lawn beside the ocean, face a clear, wide, blue sky and close my eyes feeling the gentle breeze carrying the scent of grass. The sound of waves, the cheery laughter of those who were sailing far away are kind of typical signals of the spring. It is not only the spring of nature but also the springtime for my soul.

Cao Dieu Mat Tu.







Our journey was not always smooth. Sometimes we encountered sandy beaches, bumpy rocks, narrow roads, or steep hills which made it hard for us to cycle. Then we had no choice but to walk through those areas. Thanks to the breathtaking scenery, and many companions along the road, we were not so tired. However, when we were about to reach the end of the journey with just a few more stops, we became a bit hesitant. We sat on a bench in the middle of a mountain, looking back at the long distance we had gone through, and could not help being discouraged while checking the upcoming steep roads on Google maps. Nevertheless, we kept encouraging each other and decided to continue. We should have regretted it a lot if we did not make that decision. We were passing by a pretty village with fairy-tale houses, I even saw the red house that I could only see in the Christmas postcards years ago in the bookstore. We were able to sit on a large stone lying high above the ocean to watch the ships from afar. Then, the most beautiful scenery gradually appeared in front of us at the final stop of the journey. That was an imposing sight of sunset by the majestic view of the ocean, which looks exactly like a masterpiece of nature with a perfect color mixture. I felt like it was a gift to those people who persevered in making it to the end.







Standing in front of such an unexpected gift that the journey had given me, I could not help but reminisce the blessings I have been receiving from Guru and Avalokiteshvara: live a peaceful life in Sweden – a beautiful country, achieve my dream to pursue an academic career by getting the offer to a Ph.D. candidate position in a high-ranking university in Sweden. For me, that resembles exactly a majestic view of the sunset sight beside the ocean now, which arises unexpectedly after a long and challenging journey. Before I could enjoy this imposing sight, I had experienced all the bumpy roads, rocks, and sandbank which hinder my bicycle wheel and my footsteps. Those are times when I was sick or intentionally dragged into bad gossips of the bad people who had been well-known for their ‘bad antecedents’ to harm others by gossiping anonymously. Thanks to all the tiny blue direction posts along the journey, I was not lost in the dark forest, which may contain unknown dangers or just end up losing my way. These posts remind me of Guru’s teachings, of the strong faith in the right views that are taught by Guru, or the fearlessness and the holy pride being a Buddhist practitioner that we have learned from Guru’s great example. All those factors constitute a map that leads me through all difficulties and challenges.


There were times when I tried to reach the furthest sight to predict the destination, but it was impossible. Fortunately, I have never been alone. Guru and Dharma brothers have always been by my side. With a strong faith in the power of the right Dharma, in the law of cause and effect, and in Guru’s teaching that said “self-practicing, divine supporting”, we have always been united to move forwards. There has not been any second we thought of giving up and doubting the power of right Dharma. We have never been faltered in front of any devious twists and turns of man’s darkest motives to undermine our unity, or to harm our faith in Guru and the Buddhist teachings through Pure Mind Dharma. Therefore, eventually, we are burst into happiness with endless blessings from Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru, together we share the pride of walking on the path of right Dharma with the representation of inner happiness, life success, and social achievements.

I have witnessed those betrayers who used to walk on the right path thanks to following Guru’s ‘direction posts’, and they used to enjoy the blessings from Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru. But then, it was them who chose to doubt Guru’s direction posts, they made their own way to the forest and become one among the bunch of wild animals. Since then, they have been staying in the darkness, stalking, screeching with nasty wrinkly faces, waiting for the opportunities to ‘tear’ and injure Guru – who should be the most important benefactor in their lives, and their ‘old’ Dharma brothers. They lured each other by their hypocrisy with disgusting ways of reasoning to humiliate and defeat others. They have used their ‘wicked eyes’, shifty and sly minds like poisonous snakes, ferocious and combative manner like the hyenas to broider well-crafted horrible things about Guru, his disciples, and learners in Song Nguyen Tantra House. Such a pity for those people and their victims who were fooled by devious tricks. Instead of taking advantage of this precious human body to learn and practice Dharma, to become a noble Buddhist practitioner, they chose to become evil under the cloak of human beings. Instead of choosing to act nobly as a Buddhist practitioner, they sold themselves short as if they are afraid of not being recognized as bastards, or just one among the bunch of wild animals. Instead of making their human lives meaningful, they hold it cheap, they transformed their bodies into homes for the evils.

Guru and his cats

At the present, after being blessed to attain the legitimate wish which is to become a Ph.D. candidate, I can’t help recalling an event that happened more than a year at the Tantra House. It was the day when I presented directly to Guru in front of many of my Dharma brothers my prayer to pursue an academic career after finishing my master’s degree.Guru affirmed afterward that my wish would definitely come true. Afterward, one of the most ‘horny’ betrayers now, Vu Ha Giang, came and reassured me: “If Guru said so, I believe that you will definitely attain your wish, sooner or later”. As it happened just correctly as her ‘forecast’ at the present, I wonder if Ha Giang startled by herself. Though she might choke by jealousy and anger, I bet she cannot deny the miraculism of Dharma, and she cannot help being amazed by the display of cause and effect which was read by Guru’s wisdom. It is also the same route in her case since the day Guru read her perverted and evil mind to harm other Dharma brothers and expelled her from Song Nguyen Tantra House. For us, the event that she and her ‘associates’ who have gone after plotting revenge is just a fact, there is no necessity to ask any further questions or pay any regret at all.

Equivalent to the number of steep slopes we have been through during our first round, as such number of the coast down slopes we would have during the return round. My friend was very happy on the way back being able to drop off the slopes, she was a bit emotional and shared with me a philosophy: “This is exactly like the logic that the more hardships we have to go through, the more glorious and happy we will be eventually, right?”. I absolutely agreed, and our ecstatic laughter was flowing perfectly into the rhythm of the beautiful sunset that day…

Dear Holy Guru,
I am sincerely grateful for your consistent care and guidance throughout my journey and for giving me the inspiration to widen my life horizon. I am grateful for being blessed by Avalokiteshvara through the delivery of Guru so that I could fulfill my dream more than my expectation. I sincerely pray for your health and longevity for the benefit of all sentient beings. May many sentient beings be fortunate to meet Guru and Pure Mind Dharma. I will continue to share my story to become a doctoral student in the next article. I would like to end this piece of writing with two verses that Guru often uses to encourage us:
“Like a boat floating in the vast ocean. Although it is still far away, keep believing that there is definitely a day it makes land”

“Like a boat floating in the vast ocean. Although it is still far away, keep believing that there is definitely a day it makes land”

May all sentient beings attain the happiness of the Buddha’s nature.
May Covid19 pandemic end soon.
Om mani padme hum.
Sweden, 24 May 2021.
Cao Dieu Mat Tu.

Vietnamese version: Thư Thụy Điển: CHUYỆN BÂY GIỜ MỚI KỂ, TIẾNG HÁT ÁT TIẾNG BOM



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  1. Tantra Mashita (Euro) says:

    Dear compassionate guru,

    Thank you so much for giving the chance to Miss, Quynh Le “Cao diêu” to write this fabulous letter and upload it on chantuduy.com, that’s so kind of you, for me I really liked this letter, and I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and say congratulations to Miss Quynh Le “Cao diêu” for the new position which she obtained and I wish her more and more success and that’s not only because she’s my teacher and I love her but also because she deserves so, I have to say that she has a great and a huge faith in avalokiteshvara through the delivery of you dear honorable guru.

    Dear holy guru,

    You can’t imagine how happy I feel every time I read a letter from a disciple who achieved his / her dreams and started to live happily, also I’m happy because your expectations always come true for your disciples, and every time I say to myself that maybe the next time I’ll be the one who achieve his dreams and see it in reality thank you so much again dear compassionate guru

    I bow my head down to you
    I devote myself to you
    I express my gratitude to you

    May you have a good health and live long for the benefit of all sentient beings
    May all the sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature
    May the pandemic caused by corona virus soon end
    Om Mani padame hum

  2. Dan Jacobsson says:

    Dear Guru,

    I a, very happy to say that her wisdom and joy has brought the Light of the Dharma as Pure Mind Yoga to Sweden. As one of her students I am very grateful for the time she is spending with us.



  3. Tantra Nashita (Sweden) says:

    Dear Cai Dieu Mat Tu, I am truly happy to know you and that you enjoy Sweden. And that you are teaching me about pure mind Yoga. And I am very proud of you.
    And also thankful for you dear Guru that you are giving us all the opportunity to happier life in serenity by pure mind yoga.

    Om mani padme hum.

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