Jul 5, 2021

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Dear Holy Guru,
I have diligently read Part 8 of the series of articles on 2nd Mind Dharma,this time dwelling on Things to Notice as you Practice Samygdrsti-Prabha-Samahi.

The paper flags off by reminding us that in Part 7 the essentiality of the Practice of 8 Dharmas taking Refuge in transforming the Practice of Right View into one-pointedness(SaMadhi),thus providing 8 pillars enabling Buddhist Practitioners to rely on the Guru’s power.In so doing,it becomes lucid that the Guru represents the Three Jewels and accordingly Guru Devotion emerges as the Foundation of Enlightenment.Indeed, the 1st of the 24 roots of Tantric Vows enunciates explicitly that the disciples must ‘show respect and do not criticize the Guru’ and constitute indeed the 1st among 24 general Tantric Vows.The Paper proceeds to earn against the Wrong View and ego clinging consequent on it



Intentional acts of ‘me’ and ‘mine’ must be loated as they have inauspicious consequences.In not practicing Samyagdrsti-pradhi-samadhi’,one misses out on Right Views and thus breaches the 8th among the 18 Buddhichitta vows,a situation that worsens when one foolishly undertakes to criticize the Guru after one had been formally accepted as Guru’s disciple.It is critical to note that affirmation of the Tantric Vows together with the Buddhichitta Vows demands a perpetual observation of The Right View,an uninhibited longing to listen and abide by Sagacious Advice.To do otherwise could be likened to inhabiting a Castle with a defective foundation,Elaborating further, the paper points out that that reading and commenting on Guru’s articles is an act of Guru Devotion.This act of reading and commenting ought to be observed in a humble spirit,a spirit that cherishes the Guru’s vajra critique which always affords the learner and opportunity to build a Castle of ‘brilliant light of Right View (SaMadhi)’Equally importantly,it is salutary to appreciate that among the Treasured of Buddhism is the treasure of moral shame(hiri)which is rated higher than the treasure of moral fear(attappa).Buddhist practitioners are enjoined to reflect on the Guru from the posture of Right View.And any sorjourn with

Wrong View will be visited by the consequences already alluded to in previous lessons.In any case, where a Buddhist Practitioner offends by criticizing the Guru,he is expected to make timely repentance via telephone communication,use of email, physical visit to the Guru to make offerings.Indeed,one should not be apprehensive about making a mistake,one should rather be afraid if one fails to make timely penance.All said,it is important to cultivate oneself properly by following Guru teachership and mentorship without any reservations..

The Paper recommends that all those who study the lessons should take Refuge in the Three Jewels and follow the 8 Dharmas of taking Refuge in order to receive the blessings of other spiritual practices taught by the Buddha.In doing so,we must adhere to good practice of Guru Devotion and with reading of the over 3000 papers generously made available by Guru in his sacred Website.Those making mistakes should make repentance expeditiously so as to avoid exhausting spiritual merits that would otherwise accrue to them.The Guru is the root from which the branches,the trunks,the flowers and the fruits/seeds spring from.


Believe me,Dear Holy Guru, you have polished my life even more by providing this rich menu.
May the Guru ever continue to enjoy good health coupled with Long Life for service to all sentient beings.

Tantra Dharmasunyata (Nigenia)

  1. Cao Diệu Nhất Nguyên says:

    Dear Holy Guru,

    I have read this sharing of Tantra Dharmasunyata after he read the series about the 2nd Mind Dharma. I understand that reading and commenting on the articles are an act of Guru devotion, which is the foundation of Enlightenment and will help us accumulate merits and wisdom.

    I also understand that this practice will help me gain the right views and getting rids of wrong views. We learners all have wrong views and many times, wrong actions. But I should not be afraid of being wrong because the compassionate Guru will help to change my mind towards the orbit of Dharma. What I should be afraid of is not having timely penance and therefore being disrespectful to the Guru instead.

    May the Guru have good health and live long for the benefits of all sentient beings. I’m delighted to read Tantra Dharmasunyata’s article today and I pray that he will achieve all rightful wishes.

    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature. May the Covid-19 pandemic will soon be over.

    Om Mani Padme Hum.

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      I like your meaningful comment. I hope everyone will read it. I think, it isn’t just a group of sentences but it is your heart and your soul!

      • Cao Diệu Nhất Nguyên says:

        Dear Holy Guru,
        Thank you for your encouraging words.
        I pray for the Holy Guru’s good health and longevity for the benefit of all sentient beings.
        Om Mani Padme Hum.

  2. Cao Diệu Tuyết Hoa
    Cao Diệu Tuyết Hoa says:

    Dear Guru,
    I have read this article.
    I am delighted with Tantra Dharmasunyata’s sharing after he read the dharma lesson of Guru in the series of the 2nd of the Pure Mind Dharma.
    Through the article, I thank his sharing that the reading and commenting on chanhtuduy.com this mean show respect to the Guru. Because all articles are based on the holy doctrine, they keep the right views. So, reading and commenting both approaches the right view and help us “enjoined to reflect on Guru from the posture of right view”
    I also thank his helping me realize that “one should not be apprehensive about making mistakes, one should rather be afraid if one fails to make timely penance”. That’s why we need The Guru to guide us each time we transgress so that we can cultivate ourselves properly by obeying Guru’s teaching and mentors with any requests.
    May Guru live long and have good health for the sake of all sentient beings.
    May all sentient beings attain the happiness of Buddha’s nature.
    May the Covid 19 will end soon.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  3. Mật Hoa Pháp ( 10 tuổi ) says:

    Kính Bạch Thầy.
    Con Mật Hoa Pháp đã đọc xong bài này rồi ạ!
    Con cầu nguyện cho đại dịch Corona sớm được tiêu trừ.
    Con cầu nguyện cho sức khỏe và sự trường thọ của tất cả chúng sanh.
    Om Mani Padme Hum.

  4. Tantra Amishuta says:

    Dear holy Guru,
    Thank you for sharing this reminder letter about the importance of repenting when we are doing wrong against you and the lessons you teach. I myself must repent in many redirects and will send an email today to do so. Thank you for all of your lessons and the invite to learn from you. May you be well for the sake of all sentient brings. I’m Mani Pandme Hum

    • Nguyên Thành
      Nguyên Thành says:

      Thank you for your comment! It is good to see how you have reflected on yourself after reading and immediately take action. I hope you will keep learning more!

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