Oct 29, 2020

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Letter from America: HOW DID I THINK AFTER A HEART SURGERY? (Tôi cảm nghĩ gì sau cuộc phẩu thuật tim?)

Lying down in the bed, I sometimes feel the pain in my body. I can see the impermanence of this life in every moment the pain coming to me. I understand the teaching of Buddha in Dhammapada. It goes: 147. “Behold this beautiful body, a mass of sores, a heaped-up (lump), diseased, much thought of, in which nothing lasts, nothing persists.”   I am much luckier than many other beings because I have found Guru and have learnt from Guru as well as get the protection from Guru. I have understood that nothing is impermanent and I learn how to keep my mind balanced in any cases. The most important thing in my journey is that Guru is always with me at any time of my difficulties. He helps me out and he shows me the light at the end of the tunnel. He gives me the faith in myself

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