Aug 1, 2017

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Letter to Disciples No. 220: “DO NOT CONSIDER THINGS AS FAILURES” (“Đừng coi mọi sự như là khuyết điểm”)

Letter to Disciples No. 220: “Do not consider things as failures” Dear disciples, Travelling Quy Nhon on Friday 28.07.2017 was crowded by tourists. This is a recurring situation like in Nha Trang city, I and my wife had to take 2 hours to find out a hotel locating on An Duong Vuong street. The splendor of the street colors of this martial arts hometown was still ignored when I and my wife were feeling anxious to find a place to rest. It seems that the hotel system is overloaded even though it was just on Friday, it is a sign to prove that here is popular tourist destination like Nha Trang! Talking about travel, perhaps you know I and my wife have been travelling many places because of previous occupations as well as current spiritual works. In ancient language, there was no “travel” because no travel service was pre-ordered on time

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