May 17, 2018

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Lesson 3: FROM GROSS TO SUBTLE POWER (Uy lực thô và tế)

Lesson 3: FROM GROSS TO SUBTLE POWER (Uy lực thô và tế) Lesson 3: FROM GROSS TO SUBTLE POWER In previous articles, I have analyzed the nature and correlation between gross and subtle elements. Now I would like to move to another category: “ascendant power” The activation of gross and subtle elements creates power or energy. Let say people make physical movement to generate gross power for walking, standing, lying and sitting. From this serious consciousness, they attain stately gait (for men) and lithe and graceful movement (for women). Likewise, each of their physical movements make others impressed and this is called the “ascendency”. The stupa of Visakha in Savatthi In the Buddha’s time, Buddhist laywoman, Visakha, in her teenage had attracted the admiration from the chief patron of a rich family for her lithe and graceful movement on a rainy day. He asked why she did not run like her maidservants but walked leisurely in the rain. Visakha replied that she could

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