Aug 10, 2018

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THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT IS NOT A PLAY OF DESTINY (Luật tắc nhân quả không phải là trò chơi của số phận)

The law of cause and effect is not a play of destiny. Recently, the learner from the United States of America, Elana Dower has questioned the law of cause and effect in society as follows: “you say that the circumstances in our life today are because of karma. Does that mean that everything about today has to do with what happened before? I have seen on other forums this concept of buddhism questioned and sometimes deeply hurt people, especially those who have suffered abuse as a child because they cannot accept they deserve the abuse they suffered.” In proof of that, Elana Dower has given the example it quotes: “If person A tortures person B then do we say: Person A has bad karma and will not progress as quickly to enlightenment and Person B deserves to be tortured because in their past life they beat their dog? Even in a less extreme situation

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